What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is an essential water-soluble vitamin. In the body ascorbic acid is oxidized into dehydroascorbic acid. These two forms are important for redox processes.

Vitamin C participates in the synthesis of collagen in the bones, teeth, skin, cartilage, tendons and blood vessels. It is involved in many important processes in the body: the synthesis of tyrosine, conversion of folic acid in hydroxyfolic, in carbohydrate metabolism, synthesis of lipids and proteins, iron metabolism, increasing of the resistance to infections and participation in cell respiration.

Vitamin C has an antioxidant function by neutralizing free radicals.


Properties and Effects of Vitamin C 500 mg

The most important is the antioxidant effect of vitamin C, as well as its specific role in mobilizing the defense forces of the organism. With its stimulation effect on the work of the immune system, vitamin C is recommended in the prevention of infections, colds and flu, as well as reducing symptoms of the same. It prevents oxidation of fat in the body, thus preventing atherosclerosis. It is necessary for synthesis of collagen – elastic albuminous structures that strengthen muscle and blood vessel walls, and includes the part of skin, tendons, bones, and teeth. Therefore, intake of sufficient amounts of vitamin C in the body facilitates wound healing and affect a healthier and more beautiful skin. It improves the iron absorption in the intestine and therefore it is recommended to be taken together with iron supplements. Participate in the prevention of cataracts and helps maintain vision. 

Additional Vitamin C (supplements) intake is beneficial and necessary for all ages in all seasons, because it helps in maintaining a good health. It is also linked with longer life expectancy, slowing of the aging process, maintaining normal mental and physical condition and increasing of the body’s resistance.

Constant vitamin C intake is essential, because it can’t be stored in the body for longer period. Due to a fact, that it is a water-soluble vitamin, surplus is excreted through urine. Because of that, Synergy Vitamin C, is produced with the new technology of tablets, which provides a gradual release of the vitamin C within 24 hours and its maximum utilization.

Increased needs for vitamin C affects: pregnant women, nursing mothers, reconvalescents, the elderly persons, during fever, after surgical interventions, use of certain drugs, in athletes, diabetics, during hemodialysis, smokers, alcohol abusers, various diets, allergies, stress, etc.

The first symptoms of vitamin C deficiency in the body, are mostly nonspecific: weakness, rapid tiredness and inertia. At a later stage, patients complain of pain in the bones, joints and muscles, and sometimes wheezing. It increases the possibility of more frequent infections and slow recovery. It can come with swelling, bleeding gums, blood capillaries burst and slow healing of wounds and fractures. Severe vitamin C deficiency leads to the scurvy disease.

Benefits of Synergy VITAMIN C 500mg:

  • The technology of gradual release of vitamin C from the tablet enables, maximum utilization of the active component
  • It decreases the possibility of kidney overwork
  • The tablet is enriched with natural vitamin C

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