D-MANNOSE COMPLEX – for Healthy urinary tract

What is Volurine®?

D-mannose is a natural simple sugar (monoglucose), that successfully helps in elimination of Escherichia coli from the urinary tract. It quickly enters in urine and helps maintain a healthy urinary tract.

In case of infection, D-mannose sticks to bacteria, covering the whole of it and prevents the adhesion of bacteria to the bladder wall. Although the mechanism of action is complex, theoretically, if there is enough D-mannose in the urine, it will bind to bacteria stopping their conglomeration in the bladder wall, preventing the infection, this way. Escherichia coli bacteria, coated with D-manosse become non-sticky and are easily disposed from the body, with urination.


Properties and Effects of Volurine®

  • D-manosse can be used throughout the year and has no side effects
  • sufficient quantity of D-manosse with enough liquids and normal urination, are simple and effective treatment and prevention for urinary infections!!!
  • D-manosse is not metabolized in the body and does not affect the regulation of blood sugar and therefore it’s safe for diabetics!
  • do not have to wait until the show of signs of infection

According to researches by many universities worldwide, most urinary infections are caused by the well-known bacteria Escherichia coli. The bacteria normally lives in our digestive system and anal area, but can easily slip into the urinary tract and cause infection. The flow of urine, irrigate the bladder and expels bacteria from it. But persistent Escherichia coli on its surface has tiny eyelashes containing a glue-like substance called lectin, which easily and firmly adheres to the wall of the bladder and can not be discarded with urination. Statistics show that every second woman has at least one infection with Escherichia coli in life.

Men also can get a bladder infection, especially those with enlarged prostate. The usual treatment of urinary tract infections in women and men is the use of antibiotics. Escherichia coli bacteria is persistent, so long-term use of antibiotics destroy the good bacteria in the body, primarily in our digestive tract that can cause other health problems, which is not the case, when using Volurine.

Advantages of SYNERGY VOLURINE®:

Many current studies proves that D-manosse is practical, safe and effective prevention and treatment of infections of the urinary tract.

  • A natural way of preventing the urinary infection
  • Synergistic effect of D-manosse, cranberry extract and Vitamin C
  • Safe for Diabetics, Woman during pregnancy and Children
  • Cranberry extract contains Proanthocyanidins, which also prevents Escherichia Coli bacteria to adhere to the urethra or bladder
  • Ability for long and preventive use

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420 mg

Cranberry extract

200 mg

Vitamin C

15 mg

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