What is Synergy Cartilage shark?

The product contains powdered shark cartilage, which is rich in chondroitin sulfate and glycosaminoglycans (used in the body as lubricants and shock absorbers). Both are an important parts of joint cartilage recovery and modulate immune responses.

The ingredients of shark cartilage affect the construction and maintenance of major structural components of cartilage and play a significant role in the conservation of adequate mobility and intact joint spaces, as well as their regeneration. It is recommended for arthritis, osteoarthritis, decreased joint mobility, joint pain (at rest or during movement), among athletes and people who are with increased physical mobility, to protect joints from injury as well as for their speedy recovery.

Carbohydrates found in shark cartilage have immunoregulation and anti-inflammatory mode of action.


Properties and Effects of Shark cartilage 750mg

The locomotive system consists of bones, muscles and joints. Together with accompanying tissue (ligaments, cartilage, tendons etc.), provide stability and mobility of the body.

Over time joints undergo some changes. The articular cartilage thins, the composition of cartilage changes and the joint becomes less elastic. Ligaments and tendons surrounding the joint also become rugged. The power of the neighboring muscle weakens, which can shrink the range of mobility of joints.

All this belongs to the normal physiological processes, but it should be known, that much can be done for the joints health with appropriate lifestyle, proper diet and use of supplements.

Synergy’s Shark Cartilage capsules are natural alternative for easing the symptoms of joint pain. It also has anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and protective effects. As a result, it reduces the inflammation, provides viscosity and lubricates the joints. Research and long-term experiences, have proven that using a shark cartilage can secure increased joint mobility and less pain in the locomotory system.

Advantages of Shark cartilage 750mg

  • 100% natural product

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