What is Ferrofect®?

The superior formula that offers a safe and effective nutritional support of organic iron.

Iron is an essential mineral for human health. It participates in the creation of red blood cells and hemoglobin (the protein responsible for transporting oxygen to the tissues). It is essential for normal immune function, cognitive development, cardiovascular health, which helps in the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Iron insufficiency is probably the most common nutrient deficiency worldwide. It is estimated, that 20% of people worldwide suffer from iron deficiency. Recommended for women with heavy menstrual bleeding, pregnant women and nursing mothers, vegetarians, the elderly, athletes and all other conditions with insufficient iron in the body.


Properties and Effects of Ferrofect®

Normal levels of Iron in the body are:

  • 60-70% of the total amount of iron is found in hemoglobin which binds oxygen and transports
  • It is an integral part of myoglobin (iron- and oxygen-binding protein) found in muscle tissue
  • It is necessary for the functioning of many enzymes that are needed to supply the body with energy (cytochromes)
  • the rest of the iron (25%) represents a reserve of this mineral and is bound to transferrin, ferritin and hemosiderin.

Ferrous bisglycinate is nutritional supplement with the highest absorption of all salts of iron. This is due to the small, stable and chelated form of iron bisglycinate without any electric charge, which does not react with other nutrients.

After oral administration, ferrous bisglycinate is absorbed intact in the intestine and then hydrolyzed to its components of iron and glycine. Iron component of ferro bisglycinate is metabolized like any source of iron. The solubility of iron from iron bisglycinate does not change with changes in pH.

The bioavailability of iron bisglycinate is 90.9%.

Bisglycinate iron has a relatively high bioavailability in the presence of dietary inhibitors such as tannins and oxalates.

Enriching the product with vitamins and minerals in a tablet allows to receiving all that is necessary for maximum utilization of iron: Vitamin C helps increase iron absorption; Vitamins B6 and B12 are necessary for the creation of red blood cells; folic acid prevents the creation of birth defects; zinc, copper and manganese help in cell division of red blood cells and transport of iron through the body.

Benefits of Ferrofect® (chelated iron bisglycinate):

  • It is absorbed unchanged in the body, due to their small stable organic molecule form, without ionic charge
  • Easily and safely absorbed by the body through the mechanism of superintended absorption (how much is needed)
  • The Highest possible absorption
  • The Highest bioavailability (90,9%)
  • Owns technology of controlled release
  • Proven without or with minimal gastric upsets
  • Without a metallic taste
  • More efficient treatment with lower doses
  • SAFE! It does not block the absorption of other nutrients

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Железо (Феро бисглицинат)

30 mg

Витамин Ц

150 mg

Витамин Б12

25 mcg

Витамин Б6

6 mg

Фолна киселина

400 mcg


7 mg


1 mg


1 mg


Се препорачува 1-3 таблети за возрасни и деца над четиринаесет годишна возраст, во зависност од степенот на анемијата по препорака на лекар или фармацевт. Храната не влијае на апсорпцијата на производот што значи дека FERROFECT таблетите можат да се примаат и после јадење.